Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie reviews and updates.

okay, so i watched a few new movies. first movie is public enemies; okay well, i love johnny depp in the first place. and he is so gorgeous! its very full of action and ofcourse its kinda sad at the end. (spoiler alert.) ha. i rate 5 stars. okay next movie is i love you, beth copper. yeah, its a hilarous movie! 'your not alive until your living.' - quote. its funny especially the guys "gay" friend! i rate 4 1/2 stars. last movie is harry potter and the half blood prince. great movie, i loved the love posions. & for the 'harry potter fans', sorry but i rate 4 1/2 stars. i'll watch some more later. i hate a huge list of movies i wanna watch. okay, now for my updates. summers almost over, which really sucks. school, ughz. but im excited to see my friends and stuff. but anyways; follow me on twitter [ ] thanks for reading, sucha time waster.
peace, love, and happiness.
-sarah dakota.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

etsy rocks.

well, today i pretty much slept 'til one. that's a pretty good why to waste a perfectly good Sunday, i guess. oh, everyone look at the wicked sisters designs on etsy, its my sister; she is really great at all that techy stuff. she creates stuff like banners for etsy or blogger, business cards, and stuff. (really great stuff.) oh, i so cant wait for gatlinburg, TN on Friday! woot woot! on the first day we're going to go to all the little attractions like a wax museum, Ripley's movie theatre, Ripley's haunted adventure, a fudge factory, and a midnight parade since its the 3rd and at midnight it turns to the 4th of July! yeah, woottt! second day were going to stay at dollywood, all day!! yeah, and the last day probably shoppie shop! my fave! and while we do all of this were staying in this cabin called cuddle corner or something. ha ha! oh, and we've been having these huge birds in my backyard, i think there owls, and they make funny screeching sounds! and they're like really really scary. ugh, i think there mating. (more scary birds, oh no!) well, bye guys! thanks for reading. (good time waster, huh?)

peace, love, & twilight.

- sarah. <33